Focus on Success!

Sekhesa provides the following five tips on how to make sure that the exam season doesn’t get you down:

  • Prepare an exam timetable – this way you have a set goal to work towards, and preparing for your exam will be much easier.
  • Give yourself enough time – cramming everything you need to know for your exam a few hours before is not going to work.
  • Have a break – your brain needs to “breathe” as well. Give yourself short breaks every hour, to take your mind off your work, think about something else, and rest your brain.
  • Stay hydrated – drinking water while you are studying is not only good for your body, but for your brain as well.
  • Add Turbovite® Focus to your daily supplement regime – Turbivite® Focus is the perfect study companion as it provides physical energy, memory support and increased concentration. This will give students the opportunity to deal with the pressure and the stress of exam season.

Turbovite® is giving students the chance to decrease some of their stress by launching the Turbovite® Focus on Success and Win campaign, allowing students the opportunity to win their share of R50 000 to go towards their studies. Focus on Success!