Future Energy

What does energy mean to you?

Black-FamilyIs it the energy to power the appliances and lights in your home, is it the energy that drives the motor of your vehicle that gets you to work, or maybe it’s the energy you need to actually perform at your work? Some might say that these are the primary forms of energy that we need to have in adequate supply just to get by in the modern world, and if we have any inkling of energy left at the end of our typical day, we then go and spend the rest of it in the gym, or on a bike, boat, on a run, on a golf course or some kind of physical recreation activity. And we then still need a supply somewhere in all of this to give back to our families… Thus, it seems as though we have become these vessels that require energy in order to simply exist – and I would intimate that the various ‘primary’ energy-requiring factors in our lives seem like energy vultures, just hovering above us waiting to circle down and gobble us up if we are not careful. What a sad existence awaits the human race if this is what we are…
(Side note – yes, the first paragraph was written to take lots of energy just to read it)
So – I have decided to try an alternate view. Aim to develop a positive energy opinion – not just another ‘oh but the glass if half full’ mantra, but rather an approach that seeks to see things in the same manner as a never ending battery would see it. Yes, I am taking a reference directly from our friends in the battery world, why else would we all (right now) be thinking of that little bunny playing his drums through the desert, snow and traffic or that crazy battery cell that just never gives up. Those two iconic characters alone are symbolic of what energy can be and perhaps how we feel when we are full up on energy – all conquering and able to just keep on, and on, and on. That is who I wanna be! How do I suppose I am going to make it happen? Simple – my energy source is going to be my brain and the physiological systems to keep it operating at one hundred percent.
This is a mindset (don’t excuse the pun) more than a physical trait in my opinion. Our minds are most likely the single biggest influential force of energy that exists on the planet. More than any nuclear atom or renewable solar flare, our brains are almost untapped in terms of potential – what an exciting notion this represents! We only seem to fail in our ability to supply continual and adequate fuel to the brain in order for it to function. Human conditioning also dictates the level at which we can develop the skillsets of our two lobes. After all, almost all of the great and fantastic inventions and visionary movements throughout time have come from humans that have been able to maximize some form of brain potential. When the brain is energized – we are optimized. And yet, even these ‘great minds’ never got to fully optimize their brains.
Why then do we run out of energy and how are we going to cope as we go forward as a species? The answer to that is actually pretty simple my friends, because currently the problem is that we don’t manage the energy input and energy output system for our body. It is a double-edged equation – not only what you put in determines what you can put out… but also, what type of energy! Modern technology and the access to information on healthy supplementation and fuel sources for the human body are abundantly available and this makes for a classic argument that technology should not be used to make life easier in this case but should be used to help us make informed decisions and adequate plans when it comes to the discipline of healthy eating habits.
We need to embrace the future of healthy food and supplementation as early adopters. Over-and-above healthy eating – planning is a must – and the old cliché of time management being critical to our energy levels is crucial to success in our own lives. We need to become aware of the value of keeping our physiological systems in a state of ‘wellness flux’. Never being too healthy and never being sick either. Modern day food may be lacking in nutrients due to various factors in over production, preservatives and the like, but good organic options do exist and so do excellent choices in supplementing one’s diet. All off which can be added together to help manage the energy supply to our physiological system – and ultimately to our brain.
The key to the success of these foods and supplements lies in our planning – time management of our physical requirements and aligning the necessary and timeous intake of food in order to fuel our thoughts and actions.
OK – back to the relevance of the brain in the future of energy…
What do the fancy pants people in places of power think are the best and most viable sources of energy going forward? A quick online search shows up all the usual suspects of; nuclear fusion, solar energy, fossil fuels and natural resources. All of these are great and will definitely be part of the way forward, but why are the favourite links doing little to punt the most simplistic concept of harnessing the energy within the human individual?
If each individual optimizes their brain and energy output (from a cellular level right through to the influence they have on those around them), we will spark a new form of energy saving all whilst optimally driving the function of our own systems. The gurus in the world of all things engineering or mechanical will cover the bases when it comes to innovation and development in order to make all forms of energy more readily available, last longer, user friendly and hopefully cheaper, but it is up to us as a species to ensure we operate as close to 100% as possible on a daily basis in order to spare energy. Thus, it is not about saving energy but sparing energy – another, cliché says it best… work smarter, not harder
All being said, the greatest human beings (i.e. Enistein, Jobs, Musk and I guess I have to reluctantly include old Hawkins in the erquation) are just that, great minds trapped in a limited vessel… they will only develop on existing things or innovate new technologies, but they will never be able to improve on the actual human brain itself.
Thus the brain and our ability to make use of the gifts within our mind remain the ultimate source of energy. It is crucial that we spend the energy within our body wisely in order to make the brain more viable. Our human form is but a vessel that carries this amazing piece of biological wonder and yet the irony is that our brain is only as good as the condition of our body. If you do not look after yourself (and I mean your ‘self’), you will not be able to supply your mind with the necessary sources of fuel and inspiration to operate optimally.
The view you build within your mind’s ‘eye’ and how you perceive your realities and the planning you put in place to get through each task (short term or long) will enable you to succeed in optimizing your brain. We are habitual creatures and developing good habits of brain function along with healthy habits of body functions will all help in ensuring that your battery (brain) is charged and firing when you need it to be. The more you do positively and concisely will mean the more you will get done. We are moving into this age of empowerment through technology and if we can enter this with era armed with the habitual old school techniques learnt from past successes, then we are going to thrive.



About the Author: Ian Wright