Get a grip on the January Blues!

It’s January! The festive season has come and gone. New Year’s resolutions have been made and forgotten. And now, it‘s back to the same old, same old! And that’s when it hits – the January Blues!

“The January blues come about when we realise that another year has come and gone, and we have barely accomplished anything on our “life” to do list,” says Mokete Sekhesa, brand manager for Turbovite®. “We have let another year slip by without actually living, and simply settling for existing!”

Many deal with this realisation differently; some pick up and do something about it, while others show signs of moodiness, insomnia, stress, laziness, and even depression. The January Blues can turn your once happy-go-lucky friend into a hermit with little-to-no sense of humour. “But, don’t despair; there are ways to turn the January blues into the January cheers!” says Sekhesa.

Turbovite Jan Blues Blog - 2018

  1. Listen/dance to music. Find a toe-tapping song (not an eye-watering one) and make it your theme song. Whenever you are feeling low put it on, turn up the volume and dance around the room or sing at the top of your lungs in the car. There is a reason why it is said that music is food for the soul.
  2. Find your OHM! Meditating is a great way to centre yourself, and can be done almost anywhere. Find a quiet spot, close your eyes, take a deep breath and then simply let your mind clear, and banish any stress or negative thoughts.
  3. Put you first! Often this is hard to do. Look at ways that you can improve your life – start eating healthier, make exercising a priority, and become your own greatest supporter, instead of your worst critic. A supplement such as Turbovite® Excel can help when you are under periods of stress and promote general well-being by helping to increase mental and physical energy.
  4. Socialise in person, not on social media. Stop tagging friends online, and start meeting up in person. Nothing can beat actual human contact! Have a cup of coffee or dinner with a friend and remember what it is like to be out in the real world and not a cyber one!
  5. Laugh! Laughing is one of the greatest ways to eliminate stress. Your brain is wired to respond positively to laughter, and can suppress the hormone that creates stress! So watch a funny movie, chat to a friend or simply smile at yourself in the mirror – all of these can help achieve a more relaxed you!



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