Get ready to kick start your summer!

It’s time to kick start your summer; jump start your body and get it into gear – summer is here! Long gone are the days of hibernating in a warm cosy house because, let’s be honest, nothing beats basking in the glorious South African sun while hanging out with friends and family around a braai.

“It is time to celebrate the warm weather, giving yourself the chance to shed your winter skin,” says Mokete Sekhesa, brand manager for Turbovite®. “The only problem is that during winter we become lazy and complacent, and need to prepare ourselves for more activity than we experienced in the last four to five months.”

It’s all mind over matter (or so they say), and it just takes a new outlook on life to get yourself moving! However, if you live your life by a different mantra, Sekhesa offers a few tips on how to kick start yourself into summer!


  1. Go outside. It’s as simple as that! Once you start exposing your paler skin (lathered in sun protection, of course) to the sun, you will start to feel better. Sunshine can boost your levels of serotonin and that is why you tend to feel happier in the sun shine.
  2. Start exercising. If you have been stuck inside the gym all winter, or even if the gym is a distant memory, it is time to get out there and break a sweat! With the sun shining, now is the time to take advantage, and workout outside!
  3. Jump start your body from the inside. Use Turbovite® Excel for physical energy, antioxidant support, increased mental concentration and improved mental performance and stamina. Giving yourself a little boost is sometimes all you need to get yourself going!
  4. Arrange to meet up with friends. When you have activities to look forward to, getting in the summer spirit is easy. Make plans that take into account the gorgeous weather such as lunch at an outside café, the zoo, or just simply going for a walk. The weather is so much more enjoyable if you have someone to share it with.
  5. Watch what you eat! So quaffing down chocolates and cakes during winter was a great comfort, however, now that the weather is warmer it is time to take advantage of the delicious fruit and vegetables that will be available. Your body will thank you for it!



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