Life is the Source for Energy – Dr. Evit Obrut

What if I told you that the most important ingredient in the development of a new energy product was you – the human being?

So many studies and medical research findings exist to either qualify, disprove, justify or discuss various ingredients and sources of energy that we can ingest into our system in order to receive a boost of energy. The debate or claim should not be on the claims of energy ingredients as much as to which of these ingredients do or don’t work respective to the individual. As we all know, they (the ingredients) most likely will work, but that efficacy of support for the benefits of any specific product or ingredient will vary between users. However the one ‘ingredient’ in energy metabolism that remains constant is the human being and our freedom of choice. It is fascinating is how various biological factors like physical, emotional and mental stress do cause effects on energy metabolism and consumption in our body and thus human choice is a crucial factor as to how such biological factors will cause varying responses within our body!

Primarily, when initiating the drive to obtain more energy, our body needs to determine that energy levels are too low for the work we are expecting it to complete. A lack of energy can hamper even the most simple mental tasks right up to influencing outright requirements when completing the most demanding physical challenges and activities. Neurologically and physically our body is continually in a state of flux, a state of moving energy within our body to the areas that need it. This is not just energy to move the body in a physical environment, often (and sometime more importantly) it is the need for energy to be supplied to vital organs and biological systems in our body that manage both acute and chronic conditions we are faced with daily – i.e. stress in it various forms.

It can be argued that stress is a ‘black hole’ and it lives almost exclusively to consume energy. The conundrum that we seem to be exposed to it that we quickly move into a negative cycle when our bodies are exposed to stress that can dictate a feeling of continual lack of energy if the levels of stress outweigh the levels of required energy within the respective biological system of our body. It is unfortunately not as simple as just eating food – food is a fuel and as such will assist in certain energy requirements, but not necessarily all energy. The processes within the body to convert food to energy in itself can be affected by the chemicals, hormones and free radicals that are some of the resultant conditions brought on by various stresses in the body. Each of these can (and often do) affect the resulting nutritional value and content we can thus derive from our food. The lifestyles we follow also often result in poor choices of food as well – this also affects the value of energy in our system.

An optimal condition to thus consider is the state of ‘wellness’ that we can strive for within our body. Much of this state can be controlled through one’s lifestyle. Whilst this is a cliché, it is often a simple outlook that can yield many positive results. Speak to many individuals that are either successful in business, sport or even individuals that have undergone major life challenges and you will hear a common link – that they made the choice to get the results they wanted. We do have control over the stress that life imparts on us and most times, we can thus create a state of wellness for ourselves. Not to say it is easy – but rather to say – it is possible!

Simply speaking, a state of wellness would be to create balance – in the case of energy and stress, supply your body with the correct type and adequate amount of energy as well as the ideal physical and biological avenues to use up energy and release stress.

That is where we can start to consider the value in supplementing the sources of energy we choose. We have to make the choice to strive for a state of wellness and this means the creation of a balance of mental, physical, and emotional states within our body. The more we learn about our body and its needs, the more we can go out and learn about the different types of energy products in the market that can assist us in achieving the balance we are striving for. Again – the choice must be made.

In the end, you can choose from an array of sources of energy, ranging from; natural foods (including liquids), energy drinks or juices, tonics, effervescent product, capsules, tablets, medical assistance and even sweets. Typically one would then need to choose between the type of packaging, price and availability (often controlled by price and convenience) and finally, and most likely a determining factor would mean that one would probably consider personal preference of taste and format.

The key is to then apply all of this to your lifestyle in order to achieve balance – and remember, balance is not a static state, that is called standing still. Balance means that you are constantly amending, updating, reformatting, challenging and upgrading your wellness state. The minute you feel you have become static – look to move to the next step! Then you can consider your state of balance.

Taking all this into account, the message I am trying to convey is that you cannot expect a simple solution to effect change on the state of emotional, physical and mental stress under which we are functioning. Aim for balance and constant change to remain in peak condition. Your greatest weapon is your mind and body, and how you implement the choices you make will determine your success in creating balance. How you obtain and manage energy is crucial – if life were simple and you were to take out factors dictating modern life like the various forms of stress mentioned, as well as the need for elements of personal gratification of price, taste and convenience / availability – there would not be a market for energy products. Hence why I say that “it is our life and lifestyle that is the source for our need to get more energy



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