The new product range has clear callouts on the pack so that consumers can clearly make out which product will meet their requirements for body and mind energy boosting.  The pack design also clearly highlights key ingredients including caffeine and caffeine-free solutions for every day, short-term boost and energy top-up needs.

The new Turbovite® range will be available in store from November 2016, and consists of the following four product lines:

  • Turbovite® Blast (previously Turbovite®) for a short term physical energy boost,
  • Turbovite® Focus (previously G-Whiz) for when mental concentration and memory support is needed,
  • Turbovite® Excel (previously Whiz-Fizz) for daily energy support, and
  • Turbovite® Vitality (previously Turbovite® Decaf) for daily, caffeine free support.*

natnews_tvimage_novdec16The Turbovite® range targets the physical and mental demands consumers traditionally experience every day.   Whether it is a daily supplement, a top-up to get through an important meeting or activity or physical energy when exercising and competing, Turbovite® has the answer!

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*Efficacy of support may vary between users.