Vital energy when winter kills your spirit

We all know that feeling – the alarm clock goes and you are just not up to it but you have to get up! It is still dark and bitterly cold outside – your bed feels so nice! It is a sound symbolizing either; to get ready for work and fight the hustle and bustle of droves of others commuting to the daily grind, or it is the sound that reminds you that you have some physical or recreational goal to reach and need to hit the road or hit the weights, or it is the sound that says you need to start the daily fight with the kids to get them ready for school. Either way – the sound of the alarm in winter just seems that much harder to bear than when it is summer… You know all too well that energy levels seem lower in winter and the threat of cold and flu is greater.

Turbovite may not have the solution to making the summer eternal but definitely has an answer with active ingredients that can assist the body with daily fatigue and help with the vitality and energy needed to get through those tough winter days. Turbovite’s Whiz Fizz range continues to perform as one of the best energy products on the market. The exciting blend of essential vitamins and nutrients along with a refreshing citrus taste makes this product one for the monthly shopping list.

To highlight the value of the product – what better option than a referral from an individual that is both a super-charged outdoor athlete, as well as an empowered businessman. Deon Braun, the founder of Go! Multi magazine recently reviewed the Whiz Fizz product range and here are his thoughts…

“This effervescent powder is a good morning drink to charge your body with micronutrients. I tested the orange flavour for three weeks, and found it extremely pleasant on the palate. Over the years I’ve learned that the best way for me to remain cold- and flu-free is to stay hydrated. Example: I did a 90 minute morning paddle and that afternoon a 70 minute trail run, for some reason not drinking much at all. The next morning I woke with a headache and sensed my immune system was under attack. After I had taken in enough fluid (including a Whiz Fizz), the headache subsided and I was back on track. Whiz Fizz is touted as a body and mind energy booster. The only two things I don’t like about it are that 1) each 8g sachet contains 5g of fructose and 2) there’s 50mg of anhydrous caffeine. I feel I prefer my body to wake itself up at its own pace without either sugar or caffeine. However, for you, that may be the very reason to use it later in the day. What I really do like about Whiz Fizz is that it includes ginkgo biloba (for memory improvement, alertness and concentration), ginseng (for mental alertness, blood circulation and immune response) and vitamin C. It also contains four B vitamins (including B12), magnesium, calcium and just 80kJ in energy. It may also be significant to you that there are no preservatives, sucrose or artificial colourants. Recommended.”

As this is the cold and flu season … and we experience a lack of energy, try Turbovite Whiz Fizz (also available in a Decaf’ variant) to help boost your vitality and energy.



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